• Paula Scher Illustrating with type New York
  • Mitch Paone Composing kinetic type Geneva
  • Vera van de Seyp
  • Oded Ezer Pushing typography to the limit Tel Aviv
  • Marian Bantjes Turning words into art Vancouver
  • Monty Richthofen
  • Annik Troxler Playing with letterforms Basel
  • Fraser Muggeridge Doing things knowingly wrong London
  • Studio Yukiko Transforming text with type Berlin
  • Jenna Gesse
  • David Pearson Using type as image London

ULTRAFETT is a digital conference taking you on a journey through type and space. Eleven of the world’s best typographers and designers are ready to be your travel guides. With many inspiring contributions and personalities, ULTRAFETT celebrates almost every typographic style and discipline you can imagine: Explore current trends, new approaches, ultrafett means of expression and so much more! The collective love for typography, influences and ideas from all around the world and a whole big lot of fun are making ULTRAFETT the most memorable trip of 2021!

Brought to you by FH Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences